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NCC 2019 Section J becomes mandatory from 1 May 2020

November 9, 2019

NCC 2019 Volume One allows the requirements of NCC 2016 Section J to be used until 1 May 2020 as part of a transitional arrangement.

In practice, the new requirements need to be applied earlier than 1 May 2020 for many projects. In NSW the application for the Construction Certificate must be made before the cut off. In the ACT, the Building Approval must occur before 1 May 2020. Gradwell Consulting is currently preparing several Section J Reports based on the new provisions.

NCC 2019 Section J is a significant change with new ways of assessing the thermal performance of the building fabric including glazing (now both Part J1.5); an explicit requirement that thermal bridging be considered for walls and spandrel panels; new requirements for JV3 (verification using a reference building); and new verification methods (NABERS and Green Star).

Early experience is that the changes are more stringent and require more work, so it is important to identify upfront whether NCC 2016 or NCC 2019 applies. Call Gradwell Consulting on 1800 11 24 25 for advice on your project.



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