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New BASIX Guide

June 18, 2015

A recent audit conducted for the NSW Department of Planning found shortcomings in BASIX documentation. To address this concern, a guide has been prepared to assist councils and certifiers to understand the thermal comfort requirements when using the Simulation method.

The guide covers the latest BASIX thermal assessment procedures. The key requirements for certifiers include:

1. Check the development details such as lot or address

2. Check that the simulation has been undertaken by an accredited assessor and documentation is stamped

3. Check that the Assessor Certificate has a Certificate Number and describes the construction details, conditioned/unconditioned areas and heating/cooling loads.

4. Check that the BASIX Certificate matches the Assessor Certificate – assessor number, certificate number, conditioned/unconditioned areas and heating/cooling loads.

Refer to the full guide for more details and examples.

View the guide


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