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New NatHERS thermal performance software approved

November 9, 2019

A new version of the CSIRO Chenath modelling engine has been released. This engine is used by all NatHERS assessment software.

Gradwell Consulting uses BERS Pro to prepare NatHERS assessments for BASIX and EERs. The new version of BERS Pro (called version 4.4) has been approved by the NatHERS Administrator and will released to assessors in the next few weeks. The release includes new functionality such as improved analysis of basements/carparks; common glazing areas in Class 2 residential flat buildings; double-height zones; waffle pod enhancements; and roof window modelling. The new version also includes other productivity improvements.

The software will check the separate heating and cooling caps required by NCC 2020. These are in additional to the 6 star minimum. (NSW projects already have to meet separate heating and cooling targets so these will not change.)

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