Australian Building Codes Board

The ABCB manages the national construction code which includes the energy efficiency requirements for residential and commercial construction.

ACT Planning and Land Authority

ACTPLA accredits energy assessors for work in the ACT. The list of current assessors is found here.

Building Sustainability Index

BASIX applies to residential development in NSW. The assessment tool is found here.

Equipment Energy Efficiency

E3 covers the energy rating of appliances. The site includes a comprehensive product database showing the energy star rating of electrical appliances.

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme

WELS labels a range of products for energy efficiency.

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme

NatHERS is the national star rating scheme. It sets standards for professionals and the software they use.

Window Energy Rating Scheme

WERS rates the energy impact of windows in housing across Australia. The site includes a database with the specifications of residential and commercial windows.

Your Home Design Guide

This government site includes a buyer’s guide, renovators guide and technical manual – all packed with useful information.

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