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JV3 Assessment for Sydney and Beyond

Gradwell Consulting offers JV3 assessments to Sydney and across NSW and can generate a report to help you understand your building’s energy consumption. The process is thorough and takes time, but the end result is highly accurate and in-depth.

Our experienced team have been specialising in energy efficiency reports, assessments and ratings for many years and are trained to properly evaluate a building. If you are looking for a comprehensive, cost-effective report, reach out to us at Gradwell Consulting today to set up an obligation free review.

How a JV3 Assessment works

The process of a JV3 assessment works by using a Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) reference building to compare the overall assumed energy consumption of new buildings, taking into account their specific location and climate. The analysis gives a better understanding of the building elements that can be chosen, so long as the annual energy consumption target is achieved.

This type of assessment allows for more flexibility in design as it is a more in-depth assessment that takes into account specific location and weather data.

Talk to Gradwell Consulting for Next Steps on JV3 Assessments in Sydney and Beyond

Whether you know what you need is a JV3 assessment or if you would like to discuss assessment options for your next project, our team can help. With the skills and experience conducting Section J reports, Energy Efficiency Assessments and more, you can trust us to get the job done.

You can call 1800 11 24 25, email david@gradwellconsulting.com or fill out our online enquiry form. Our services extended across Sydney and all of NSW, so no matter where you are, we can assist in providing you with the report you need.

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